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October 21, 2017

Cignal TV, through its SARI SARI Channel presents Tabi Po, a graphic novel – and a TV masterpiece

Cignal TV, through its SARI SARI Channel, brings you a brave and bold TV series about the lives of aswangs in “Tabi po”. 

Tabi Po series is a TV adaptation of Mervin Malonzo’s best-selling graphic novel series with the same title that won the National Book Awards for Graphic Literature. 

Mervin Malonzo

Directed by award-winning director Paul Basinilio, Tabi Po stars a powerhouse cast led by Luis Alandy as Tasyo, Phoebe Walker as Sabel, Jourdanne Castillo as Salome, and AJ Muhlach as Elias.

Paul Basinilio

Mythological creatures, aswang, probably the most common of Filipino monsters since there are so many different kinds. Growing up, we were told countless tales about this infamous miscreation in Philippine folklore known as aswang. Always depicted as a flesh eating and ruthless creature hunting for its prey, is that what they really are – mindless killing ghouls?

This TV series about the lives of aswangs in “Tabi po”. Unlike anything on TV these days, Tabi Po shows love, beauty, amidst the horrific lives of these creatures called aswang. 

Meet EliasTasyoSabel and other aswangs.

Where did they come from? What is their purpose? Is there more to the massive killing, gore and bloodshed typically associated with them? Know the untold stories behind the aswang in this new cinematic tv masterpiece.
Tabi Po tells the story of Elias, a neophyte aswang. Born from a tree during the country’s Spanish era, Elias embarks on a journey with two older aswangs, Tasyo and Sabel, in the quest to understand their true nature. Along the way, Elias meets Salome, a sex slave of the friars, and falls in love with her. In the middle of a rising revolution, Elias is forced to face his own battles – his love for Salome versus his hunger for flesh, the growing rift between himself and Tasyo, the society's stigma with aswangs, and the battle with his own inner demons. 

Find out which side will prevail, Elias’ true bloodthirsty nature or his deep feelings for the girl he loves the most.

Luis Alandy

Phoebe Walker, Noel Comia Jr. and Jourdanne Castillo

Phoebe Walker
Here's the theme song of Tabi Po Series presented last night at the media launch held at URBN Quezon City. 

This epic tale premieres on October 27, 2017, and will air every Friday at 8:00 PM until December 1, 2017. Catch it on the SARI-SARI Channel, brought to you by the Philippines' premier pay TV provider, Cignal TV.

Get teasers and trailers at 

Live the Dream : Why you should start working on your bucket list and how!

Everyone wants to live a life full of meaningful memories. I'm sure and hopefully most people enjoy the wonderful world. Have you create your Bucket List? A record of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill and experiences you want to enjoy, to live life to the fullest!

It’s less than three months to go until the end of 2017. For some reason, days and months fly by at breakneck speeds and before we know it, we only have a month left from the year. Question is, what have you to show for? 

How many of your plans for the year have you accomplished? How many of the goals you have set, the type of person you want to be, the places you want to see, the things you want to try, the adventures you want to take, have you crossed out from your bucket list? 

Stop making excuses and achieve it. Aspire for it. Start it. Do it. Whether it’s going back to your ideal weight, making your first million, chasing your true passions, or starting your own business, stop waiting for the perfect time or the perfect opportunity and start doing now. There will be no right moment, or enough money, or even the perfect person to do it with if you just wait. Life, as they say, is what happens to us while we are busy making plans!

With three months to go before the end of the year, it’s time to get your act together! The first step is to take the first step! Here are ways to start. 

Start a Bucket List Journal 

Keeping a journal where your wish-list (?) or life goals are readily visible and carefully mapped out (think pages upon pages of goal-setting dream boards) is a great step toward turning your bucket list into a reality. You can write or attach here promo fares, travel packages, or “pegs” for future reference. Journaling is also a great way to keep track, store, and immortalize your list’s journey from dream to reality! 

Download a Bucket List App

Don’t have time to start a journal? Want to have—and manage—your bucket list with a swipe of the finger? There’s an app for that! There are several bucket list apps for Android and iOS that will help you track, organize, label, and even categorize your goals, dreams, and projects. These apps allow you update completion status for each item, attach photos and motivational quotes to keep you inspired, and share your bucket list with friends on social media.

Join promos and contests 

What will you lose if you join a million contests and promos? Nothing! So go ahead and try it. There are actually a lot of stuff online that can help you achieve your bucket list. You can get discounts for your travel bucket list or win a free course. On Facebook, there is an ongoing bucket list contest on FWD Life Philippines’ FB page ( When you win, you’ll be given the chance to actually do your bucket list! (Get Fit, Start a Business, Go Scuba Diving, Make an Indie Film, Make Your First Million, Create Your Own Restaurant Brand, etc.). Cool, right? Head to the page and check it out. I mean, what’s the harm in trying? 

Completing your bucket list is easier than you think. All you need to do is start. Start believing that you can achieve it. So stop dreaming about it. Stop waiting. And start doing! Good luck!

FWD Life Insurance Corporation (“FWD Life”) is the first life insurance company licensed by the Insurance Commission of the Philippines under the new Insurance Code. FWD launched its commercial operations in September 2014. After its second full year of operations in 2016, FWD ranked #12 in total premium income, up one notch from previous year, according to the Insurance Commission’s report.1 By March 2017, FWD Life is the highest-capitalized life insurer in the Philippines with PhP 2.3 billion in paid-up capitalization.2 

FWD Group spans Hong Kong & Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Japan, offering life and medical insurance, general insurance, and employee benefits across a number of its markets. Established in Asia in 2013, FWD is the insurance business arm of investment group, Pacific Century Group. In the Philippines, FWD has nine business hubs located in key cities nationwide with its headquarters in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

FWD is focused on creating fresh customer experiences, with easy-to-understand products, supported by digital technology. Through this customer-led approach, FWD aims to become a leading pan-Asian insurer that changes the way people feel about insurance.

For more information please visit

1 HYPERLINK "" > Statistics > 2017 > Based on Premium Income
2 Based on publicly available disclosures.

October 20, 2017

Tech Millionaire and Adventure Journalist Garrett Gee Inspires Students to Follow their Passion

Garrett Gee (2nd from left) with Jefferson High School students (L-R): Lawrence Angelo, Joshua Natividad, Ryan Adion, Terry Sustal, Saul Molina, and Princess Sembrano. (Photo courtesy of Pia Lopezbanos-Carrion)

What would one do with a million dollars? Or in this case, $54 million? Tech millionaire and travel journalist Garrett Gee was faced with this very question after he sold his app to Snapchat in 2014. The story behind his mind-blowing success, and what he is now doing with his life were the subject of his chat with students of Jefferson High School in Daly City, California, as part of a joint outreach by ABS-CBN International and Discovering Routes.

According to their website, “Jefferson has a reputation for high academic and athletic standards, despite its designation as an underperforming school. The Jefferson Staff encourages students to achieve at their highest potential, developing skills necessary to become life-long learners and productive citizens.”

A Story of Success

As a sophomore at Brigham Young University, Garrett developed the app, Scan, with two other co-designers. Shortly after, legions of downloads followed its launch. This led to a TV feature on Shark Tank where he did not get the funding he sought. But as all great stories have their glorious endings, Scan was later acquired by Snapchat.

“I feel like it’s one of those classic questions: ‘What would you do with a million dollars?’ It was a really cool and humbling experience to be faced with that question,” Garrett admits to the class. And this was his plan, “Let’s sell everything we own, go super minimalistic, and just travel for some time. Let’s learn about different cultures, about different countries, and try to see what brings other people happiness all around the world.”

This minimalist, vagabond-style of exploring the world paved the way for the two of his landmark projects:

(1) The Bucket List Family – a social media documentation on Garrett’s family and their travels; and

(2) Discovering Routes– an original series from ABS-CBN Global Studios, that follows him and his sister, Miristi, as they return to their ancestral land.

Passion and Hard Work

Garrett’s talk highlighted that through all the positive and fun things happening in his life, “it all goes back to the high school days and the college days when I just made up my mind to figure out what’s right for me; that I need to follow my own passion. As long as I work hard at it, develop the skills, and don’t get lazy, I think I can make it happen.”

The Intro to Robotics class is the brainchild of Principal Mark Beshirs and teacher Joel Bruxvoort. Ryan Adion, a senior at Jefferson High, was impressed by how the class was captivated by their guest speaker. “People who talk here, they come in suits, he’s just dressed casually so I feel I can relate to him.” Junior student Saul Molina chimed in,“It was pretty cool how he split the money equally,” referring to how Garrett nontraditionally decided on dividing the profit from Snapchat evenly with his co-designers.

Beshirs and Bruxvoort are proponents for unconventional teaching methods. “I just see the smiles on their faces and their intent, and the really nice questions they asked. They start to see humanity, to see themselves,” shared Bruxvoort.

(Left) Jefferson High students pull out the Scan app on their phones and show these to Garrett. (Right) Garrett takes a selfie with the students before they parted ways.

On his end, the tech rockstar confided that this was one of his all-time favorite talks.
“I spoke at a lot of corporations and universities, but this is cool because when I entered into their classroom, I just saw a lot of people who remind me of myself back in high school, and I saw a lot of potential in them.”
The talk was made possible by Daly City Arts and Culture Commissioner Dorie Paniza, with Jefferson High School Principal Mark Beshirs, and ABS-CBN International’s Global Head of Corporate Affairs and Public Relations Nerissa Fernandez.

(L-R) “Intro to Robotics” Teacher Joel Bruxvoort, Discovering Routes Executive Producer Keesa Ocampo, ABS-CBN International Managing Director for North America Olivia De Jesus, Jessica Gee w/ 3-year old Manilla, Jefferson High School Principal Mark Beshirs, Garrett Gee w/ 4-year old Dorothy, Consul General Henry Bensurto Jr, Consul Carlyn Monastrial, and Daly City Commissioner for Arts & Culture Dorie Paniza.

A Beacon of the Filipino American Community

Consul General Henry Bensurto, Jr. of the Philippine Consulate in San Francisco made a surprise visit to the class. He presented Garrett with a certificate of appreciation for his philanthropy and goodwill. Bensurto expressed his gratitude to Garrett for having “contributed to raising the profile of the Filipino people, not only in his country but the entire world; and for inspiring the young generation of Filipino Americans to discover their Filipino heritage and connect with the country of origin of their parents.

Consul General Henry Bensurto, Jr. (right) tells Garrett Gee (left) that what he is doing for the Filipino community is fantastic. Bensurto stated, “he opens up the beauty that the Philippines is all about – its culture, its people, its cuisine.”

A Quick Trek to TFC Headquarters

Prior to Garrett’s talk at Jefferson High, he visited the Daly City headquarters of ABS-CBN International to film fun digital content for Discovering Routes. Extending his Philippine experience, Garrett’s learning a bit of the language, still eating the food, and connecting with his roots.

Adventure journalist Garrett Gee sits down with Discovering Routes Executive Producer Keesa Ocampo to engage in a fun Q&A.

Garrett interacts with the officers and staff during his recent visit to the TFC headquarters. Clockwise from top left: Garrett greets officers in conference (L-R) Solutions Delivery Head Gilbert Talavera, Digital IT Officer Ria Vizcarra, Accounts Receivable & Remedial Officer Noel Duma, Digital Partnership & Integration Head Connie Lopez, and Global Business Development Head Enrique Olives; with Global Head of Theatricals JohnD Lazatin; talking with Global HR & Organization Development Head Vic Nuguid; with BA Executive Producer Troy Espera.

Keep up with this adventurer and follow his journey. New webisodes on Garrett’s exploits in the beautiful islands of the Philippines go live Mondays and Thursdays on The Discovering Routes TV series can be seen around the globe on Myx TV and Lifestyle Network, and in the Philippines via Lifestyle TV.

Discovering Routes is an original series by ABS-CBN Global Studios that follows people to their lands of ancestry, in search of epic adventures. The series caters to the wanderlust of those who love to explore and travel and immerse themselves into food, music, culture, and adventure. Follow Discovering Routes on Facebook and Instagram.


How sweet is it that aside from the original coco water, you get to choose from two more flavors? Since Filipinos are naturally fond of sweets, Locally, the first quirky Filipino juice line made with indigenous local fruits, launched two more variants of the Locally Merci Buco coco water line: Buco Pandan and Buco Lychee. So you have not one, not two but three Merci Buco variants! Sweet!

Buco Pandan and Buco Lychee are flavors that appeal to the sweet tooth of every Filipino coco lover. And while they are often prepared as desserts, making them into drink flavors is not a bad idea at all! Imagine having your dessert and drinking it, too! What an amazing coconut concoction! Or shall we say...COCOction?!

Buco Pandan is an all-time favorite Filipino chilled salad made by blending shredded young coconut, pandan (screwpine leaves)-flavored gelatin cubes, cream and sweetened condensed milk. But as a drink, it has the refreshing kick of coco juice mixed with the exhilarating fragrance of Pandan leaves. So good that it will make you want to do the PANDANCE OF JOY! Drink some more and feel that burst of energy inside of you that will make you want to bust a move. It’s delicious, refreshing and naturally flavorful. 

Buco Lychee, meanwhile, is traditional buko salad made yummier and juicier with lychee and coconut jelly or nata de coco. As a drink, it is simply refreshing and sweet. It has coconut water that quenches your thirst mixed with the exotic goodness of Lychee. Think of it this way, it’s like drinking your dessert minus the calories! We won’t Lychee you, it is honestly good!

Locally Merci Buco is made from pure and organic coconut water sourced and organically grown from local farms in Bicol and Quezon, assuring consumers not only of 100% freshness from the best-tasting natural coco water but also of its numerous health benefits: low calorie content of 40 calories per serving, no sugar added (for plain coco water), no fat and cholesterol, gluten-free, not from concentrate, and non-GMO. What’s more, all variants have the natural properties of coco water such as antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese and zinc.

It is also the first local coconut water that is certified organic by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) 1 and EcoCert2. So you get to have a sweet time enjoying your flavored drink plus the assurance that it is safe and healthy. 

Packed in 330 ML and 1 liter eco-friendly recyclable tetra pack, Locally’s Merci Buco is available at Rustan’s and select PureGold and Robinsons supermarkets, and is exported to the US and the Middle East. 

Do us a favor and choose both flavors! Grab your Buco Pandan and Buco Lychee now!

Locally is the first quirky Filipino juice line that uses home-grown fruits. The brand mirrors the unique and fun characteristics of Filipinos with its catchy word puns, namely: Mangosteenie Miney Mo, Tamarind My Bell, Dalandan It Again, Guyabano-body but You, Calamansi’z the Day, Pomelong & Lasting Love and Save the Best for Sineguelast. 

For inquiries and more information about Locally products, visit the official Locally Facebook (@LocallyPhilippines) and Instagram (@Locally PH) pages


DreamPlay's “Spookfest”, a Halloween adventure at City of Dreams Manila

 DreamPlay, the DreamWorks-inspired interactive play space at City of Dreams Manila will hold its annual “Spookfest”, a Halloween adventure from October 28 to November 1 packed with thrilling games, exciting activities, special performances, and awesome prizes.

Children who wish to join can sign up for the “Spookfest VIP Package” for P1,500 which includes an all-day pass at DreamPlay, an exclusive experience to participate in the “Shrek or Treat Pumpkin Hunt” and “Shrek It Out” Costume Contest, admission to view the DreamWorks Halloween movie at the Dream Theatre, a pass to create pumpkin-shaped gingerbread cookies at Gingy’s Kitchen, photo ops with Shrek, and a Spookfest bag with DreamPlay goodies.

The “Shrek or Treat Pumpkin Hunt” enables kids to compete in groups to collect all the pumpkins of their assigned color – orange, yellow, blue, red, green, or white. The pumpkins are hidden in DreamPlay’s various attractions and each pumpkin gives a clue on where to find the next one. The first team to complete their specified pumpkins wins a prize.

Kids who come prepared with their scariest, coolest, or most creative costumes can join the “Shrek It Out” costume contest to be held on November 1 at 3 pm and get a chance to win an overnight stay at Nobu Hotel Manila or DreamPlay tickets. Each contestant shall register and secure an entry number. All participants will be called on stage to showcase their costumes. 

The “Shrek It Out Costume” contest criteria for judging are: creativity (based on overall look, color and personality) - 30%; originality (uniqueness of the costume) - 30%; complexity (intricacy of the costume) - 20%; and overall-appearance (overall style) - 20%. 

For inquiries and admission, guests can call 800 8080 or 800 0909 or e-mail or visit

"An Evening with Pilita" at The Theatre at Solaire

Asia’s Queen of Song, Pilita Corrales, icon and legend of the Philippine entertainment industry for the past 6 decades, goes on stage at 8 p.m. on November 17, 2017 at The Theatre at Solaire for “An Evening with Pilita”. 

With Ms Corrales in the one-night-only concert will be the immensely popular AMP Band and the inimitable string section of the ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra with Mel Villena as musical director. The exceptional combination of musicians will provide the big band sound of the 50s and 60s and a taste of the classics. 

The show will profile nuggets of time in Pilita’s life and career. She will be joined by her daughter Jackie Lou Blanco and son Ramon Christopher Gutierrez, both TV and motion picture personalities in their own right; her granddaughter Janine Gutierrez, and her old friends and colleagues in the industry Nikki Ross and Angie de la Cruz, better known as the Wing Duo.

Pilita started singing in Spanish as a host of the radio show “La Taberna” on KZPI. Her career took off in Australia where she became the first woman to top the Australian pop charts with a song called “Come Closer to Me.” She was the first artist signed up by Astor Records. There is even a street in Victoria named after her.

In the early 60's, Pilita was back in Manila to pursue a musical career in her home country. At the same time as she recorded albums in Spanish, English, Tagalog, and Cebuano, Pilita was signed up by ABS-CBN to host and star in a long-running television musical show called “An Evening With Pilita.” 

Ms Corrales has performed locally and abroad with stars like Sammy Davis, Jr., the Beatles, Bob Hope, Pat Boone, Frank Sinatra, and Julie Andrews. 

When asked how she feels about the much-anticipated November 17 concert, Pilita says: 
“It is exciting. I will be at The Theatre at Solaire, which is beautiful and the sound is world class.” 

Pilita was given the well-deserved title “Asia’s Queen of Songs” when she became the first Filipino to win in an international music festival, named the Best Performer at the 1st Tokyo Music Festival in 1972.

She has received every award imaginable in the local music industry. All of these accolades and milestones in her colorful and celebrated life and career will be at the center of “An Evening With Pilita - the concert."

Carlo Orosa the show’s director explains: “We want to show a side of Pilita that a lot of the young people have not seen. She is the first Filipino singer to actually showcase the Filipino talent internationally. She is both an icon and a legend.” 

Pilita is elated to be the next music icon to perform in The Theatre at Solaire’s continuing Icons Series after the sold-out and well-reviewed concerts of Basil Valdez and Celeste Legaspi, “The feeling is like you’re on cloud nine.” 

Audie Gemora, Solaire's Entertainment Director says, “Solaire is home of OPM and what better way for us to establish this than to highlight ‘Icons of Filipino music.' Who can be more iconic that Pilita Corrales? Her distinct voice, performance style and image have regaled generations. She is the only one to have had numerous hit albums in Spanish, English, Tagalog and Bisaya. Anyone who has grown up watching “Bagong Kampeon” knows she has great personality and sense of humor. We cannot wait to have Ms. Pilita on stage at The Theatre Solaire.”

"An Evening with Pilita" is presented by Solaire Resort and Casino. For tickets, please call Ticketworld at 8919999.

October 19, 2017

Traditional 'Hilot' experience at Balay Hilom Spa

Originating in the Philippines, Hilot is a hands-on healing art that involves intuition and massage – from head to toes.

The full body Hilot massage involves a combination of slow moving fingers and hand pressure over various pressure points throughout the back and legs, and relaxing the tension in the head and neck. 

Hilot methods and techniques passed down from generation to generation and known for its therapeutic benefits, Hilot is perfectly suited to the spa, a uniquely Filipino treatment that spas could offer along on their menu of services.

Last Friday, I with my two daughters visit the Balay Hilom Spa at Quezon City to indulge ourselves with the relaxing and rejuvenating massage after the week of work, attending events and projects.

Quezon City Tourism included Balay Hilom Spa as one of the 75 places to visit in Quezon City, out of tens of thousands of establishments in the city.

Balay Hilom Spa's Hilot massage is rooted from the indigenous healing traditions of Philippine provinces. 

Relaxing, serene ambience and with a province-like interior, you will feel relax and releases you from the stress of the hustle and bustle of Metro Manila.

The Balay Hilom Spa friendly accommodating staff welcome and offer us with a freshly prepared cup of Herloom Tea.

The amiable staff dip and washes our feet in a warm water for a few minutes before the Hilot session. 

We choose to experience Balay Hilom Spa‘s signature massage which is the Sinaunang Ginhawa: Hilot Balay Hilom - deep tissue massage that increases blood circulation, improves breathing and frees muscles from “lamig” or pulled muscles.

For just Php 450, a 70-minute massage will help you rid of stress and feel revitalized.

Rediscovering our traditions, Hilot Balay Hilom massage is one of our most enjoying great massage experience, we feel de- stressed, relief and relax. We will definitely go back , with our family and/or friends.

Visit and like Balay Hilom Spa Facebook to know more about Balay Hilom Spa massage. You can also call 0927 535 8380. 

Balay Hilom Spa is located at FBR Arcade in Katipunan just across Ateneo de Manila University. 

Here is the wide range of signature services and nurture packages offered by Balay Hilom Spa:

October 18, 2017

My baking journey to the world of breads : ETON Global Institute Culinary and Hospitality Management

Cooking and baking breads, cakes and pastries give you personal achievement, appreciation on your self and from others who eat your own cooked food. It can also be tough, it can be stressful, but it's a beautiful, fulfilling passion that fuels creativity and experimentation. 

Baking is an entirely new world with simple but important techniques and methods.

The ETON expert Chefs held the Bread Making Workshop at the Eton Global Institute, Center for Culinary & Hospitality Management, Saturday, October 7, 2017

I enjoyed learning how to make and bake bread at ETON Global Institute Culinary and Hospitality Management. 

The expert chefs teach us what kinds of flour and other ingredients on what particular kind of bread to bake. Simple ingredients you need to produce a seemingly endless variety of products from breads are flour, sugar, eggs, milk, butter, and flavorings. 

The baking journey begins with the first step - know and mix the ingredients - dry and wet ingredients.

I enjoyed the mix, mash and roll dough…fun giving all the effort and strength of my arms and hands. Kneading develops the gluten (a protein) in the dough, which provides the bread's structure.

To knead, place dough on a clean counter lightly sprinkled with flour. Then sprinkle a bit more flour on the dough and your hands to prevent sticking.

Doing the fold, push, turn and repeat. Fold means flatten the dough and fold it towards you. Push, using the heels of your hands, push the dough away with a rolling motion. Turn, or rotate dough a quarter turn. 

Doing the fold, push, turn and repeat.

Keep kneading dough until it is smooth and springs back when lightly pressed with the fingers. Kneading takes 6 to 10 minutes, and use a little more flour if dough is still too sticky.

We really have fun doing it. Most enjoyable was when we got to taste the food that we prepared! Really yummy, warm and fresh breads from the ETON’s oven… the breads our group bake!

We baked Caramel Cinnamon Roll and Italian Focaccia.

Italian Focaccia

Thank you ETON Global Institute and dedicated ETON master chefs for sharing your passion for baking and helping everyone of us to learn how to bake. Thinking for the next schedule of baking lessons and hopefully we will continue and pursue our passion to become a better baker. 

At ETON Culinary Institute, they will not just teach you how to cook but will also inspire you to learn and "eat only healthy food.”

ETON Global Institute Culinary 
and Hospitality Management

ETON Global Institute Culinary and Hospitality Management reach out more to local families and serve the community Lifelong Learning & Living Programs launched in 2017 with the opening of Eton Global Institute.

ETON provides international trainings and life-skills programs for Culinary and Hospitality Management. With its mission of helping and moulding the students and young professionals to become professionally competent with leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Opening doors for them to interact and compete with the best and brightest in the country and around the world.

ETON Global Institute Culinary and Hospitality Management Courses : 

A fun-filled culinary program to gather little chefs to an interactive cooking class. We encourage their creativity in the making of nutritious food for healthy eating and living. Every Saturday morning, they are invited to discover a new cuisine, taste new food and learn how to make it in an entertaining way.

This program was designed for adults who are curious to discover several cuisine and recipes. We offer a new class every week, with an average of 5 recipes for each theme. Our goal is to teach our students the secrets of several kinds of cuisine, with hands-on practice and theory. Our goal is for our students to obtain life-lasting skills and help them become self-reliant.

We offer 3 to 6 months professional programs in Culinary and Pastry Arts, Food & Beverage Operations, Bar Management and Hospitality Services. These programs were specially conceived by our best chefs in order to provide our students quality training and all the knowledge they will need to start their career and make their professional dreams come true.


- Beginners Class : 1 Day Session.

- Masters Class : 2-3 Days Session.

- Special occasions : Individual classes, Private parties, Family celebrations, Professional parties, Events catering.

Where to find ETON: 

Eton Global Institute is situated in the heart of Sampaloc, Manila, a lively neighborhood where the sense of family is sensed at every corner of each street.

R.V. Marzan Building 1633 corner Makiling Street and Dimasalang Road, Dimasalang Sampaloc, Manila City 1008 Philippines Tel: (02) 954 0662

Visit WWW.ETONGLOBALINSTITUTE.COM for more informations and updates.


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