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May 29, 2017

PSAAI, IPOPI call for immunity disease awareness

International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiencies (IPOPI), in partnership with the Philippine Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Inc (PSAAI) and New Marketlink Pharmaceutical Corporation (NMPC), has recently called for awareness for the Primary Immunodeficiency Disease (PID).

The first gathering of PSAAI and IPOPI paved the way to introduce and update the status of Primary Immunodeficiency disease in the country and all over the globe. As seen in the photo are PSAAI members and organizers and IPOPI members. 

According to IPOPI, the association of national patient organisations dedicated for PID patients worldwide, PID is a large and growing group of over 280 different disorders caused when some components of the immune system do not work properly.

Since it is a disease on the immune system, it is expected that PID patients will have all kinds of infections and other illnesses. 

“We suspect a lot of them [PID patients] just die early from these infections or become disfigured or have permanent problems involving one or more of their organ systems that make their lives very difficult,” PSAAI Immunologic Disease Council Chairperson, Dr. Fatima Johanna T. Santos-Ocampo, said. Dr. Santos-Ocampo is also a founding member of the Southeast Asian Primary Immunodeficiency Network (SEAPID) and the Asia Pacific Society of Primary Immunodeficiency (APSID).

31-year-old Gloria Alcaraz from Midsayap North Cotabato, one of those invited to the Patient-Doctors Meeting for PID had three children with PID. Her first-born John Ray died suffering from Wiskott-Aldrich Disease at five years old. Her second child lived only for two minutes as he had hydrocephalus and her third son, one-year-old Ivan Josh is now diagnosed with the same disease.

“It’s hard for us because we don’t have the resources to try treatments like stem cell, or IVIG. We are not rich and we have been living in shelters just so we can be close to hospitals that offer free consultation or any treatment for my son,” Mrs. Alcaraz said.

Doctors and Patients collaborate to establish care groups and be educated on Primary Immunodeficiency disease. Seen in the photo are some PID patients and global doctors from IPOPI.

According to several cases discussed by various specialists during the conference, IVIG is one of the most effective but expensive treatments. But as of this moment, there are still no definite statistics of PID patients in the country, a problem that the PSAAI wanted to address. The association wanted to create care groups and request for support from the government.

“The more PID patients that are diagnosed, the more patients can potentially receive this very important and available treatment,” said Dr. Santos-Ocampo. Meanwhile PSAAI fellow Dr. Florecita Padua revealed that PID management has a lot of dilemmas worthy of attention including the cost of treatments which is very important for patients like the Alcaraz family.

Problems to be addressed also include the lack of tools for definitive diagnosis, the lack of modalities for specific treatment or cure, and the lack of skills for detection among physicians. And as these realities are revealed, the SEAPID and world-wide IPOPI representatives shared that care groups and awareness are key actions to get PID patients supported.

May 28, 2017

Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage grabs the attention of Manila Masters players

Bounty Fresh Food Inc., one of the country’s biggest suppliers of value‐added chicken products and fresh-chilled chicken,  took part in the Manila Masters 2017 eSports Tournament at the MOA Arena to introduce the players to the delicious and mouth-watering Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage.

In between intense and highly-competitive DoTA 2 games for a chance to win US$250,000, local and international pro gamers and other guests were able to sample not just the fried chicken treat but also the exciting and fun games courtesy of Bounty Fresh. 

They were also treated to an energetic performance from the SexBomb New Gen dancers who, like the Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage, were simply hard to resist.

Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage

As life in the metro becomes even more fast-paced, Filipinos on-the-go are always on the look-out for quicker and more convenient ways to go about their daily chores, including cooking their meals.

One of the country’s biggest suppliers of value‐added chicken products and fresh-chilled chicken, 
Bounty Fresh Food Inc., helps make delicious, healthy meals easily available to households and busy young adults by introducing Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage.

The newest innovation from Bounty Fresh is made from all-natural lean and tender chicken meat and can be cooked in as fast as 8 minutes over medium heat. The Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage comes in two different sauces, Teriyaki and Sweet and Sour.

The Bounty Fresh Saucy ToriKaraage is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide for only P179.00 (SRP) per 450-gram pack.

May 27, 2017

5 Things We Love About the #GlobeLGG6

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Samsung Ph launch QLED TV, Korean's Kim Soo Hyun is the special guest

Samsung Philippines marks the next innovation in television with the QLED TV

“The Next Frontier,” - Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation declared a new era of television viewing as they officially launched the QLED TV in the country. 

Hosted by TV personality and radio jock Sam Oh, the launch of QLED TV held at Okada Manila, on May 26, 2017, the event brought together Samsung executives, led by President Kevin Lee, media, and valued dealer-partners as they witnessed how the QLED TV delivers a next generation display that overcomes the disadvantages of other competing technologies. 

Highlighting this groundbreaking technology, the tech giant brought in Korean celebrity Kim Soo Hyun as a special guest to support the local launch of the QLED TV. 

The actor expressed his excitement as he revealed the product that aims to give consumers a viewing experience like no other.

Kim Soo Hyun is best known for korean tv drama roles in Dream High, My Love From The Star,  Most Embrasing The Sun and The Producers. 

Watching TV has changed through the years and is now more central in the lives of consumers. From being a mere source of entertainment, TVs are now considered as windows that let users experience the world right from their homes. 

With its exclusive Quantum Dot technology, the Samsung QLED TV turns light into perfect color, making a powerful combination that revolutionizes picture quality. The new television line also offers HDR 1500 brightness and 100% color volume expression, enabling viewers to watch scenes just as how the creator intended them to be. It can also reproduce almost any color known to man, making HDR content more vibrant and natural-looking.

Beauty and functionality work hand-in-hand in the Samsung QLED TV. Its revolutionary design uses an Invisible Connection cable for other TV connected devices, removing the pain point of dealing with unsightly and tangled cables, and making it a great addition to any room. To further add to the clean design, users have the option to avail of the no-gap wall mount, which allows the TV to sit flush against the wall. Also available are an array of stands, such as gravity and studio stands, that can blend in with any living space. 

A smart TV needs an equally smart remote, and with the QLED TV’s One Remote Control that covers all connected devices, users will have an easier time navigating whether they want to play games, watch sports, or stream their favorite TV shows. Users can also turn their mobile phones into a personal remote through the Smart View app. More entertainment options are provided by the Samsung QLED TV as it comes equipped with apps, services, and other content through the Smart Hub.

To bring to life the qualities of the product that define the future of TV—superior picture quality, freedom in design, and smart interactivity—artists performed a dramatic and breathtaking dance supported by an integrated play of visuals. Experience zones were also set up during the event, allowing curious guests to get a first-hand viewing experience of the QLED TV. 

“Each year we challenge ourselves into coming up with upgrades and innovations, but this year’s QLED TV really is the pinnacle of high-quality viewing,” shared Samsung Product Marketing Head for AV Jun Guevara.  
“From pure lifelike colors, to the easy-to-use One Remote Control, to attention to design inside and out—the QLED TV ends the debate and is undoubtedly the next innovation in TV.”
Samsung also welcomed two local ambassadors for the QLED TV campaign—award-winning filmmaker Paul Soriano and tastemaker Tessa Prieto-Valdes—creative industry movers and shakers whose unapologetic taste, individual style, and uncompromising standards match that of Samsung’s new line.

“We’re happy to formally introduce Paul and Tessa as our local ambassadors, who are industry leaders in their own realm. We believe that they are instrumental in showcasing the benefits of the QLED TV through their different fields and passion points," said Samsung Marketing Director Chad Sotelo. 

The new line-up of the QLED TV is available in authorized Samsung dealers nationwide. For more details, visit the Samsung Facebook page or log on to

May 26, 2017


Operations of Cebu Pacific in Mindanao remain normal, with no restrictions or limitations imposed on air travel by the authorities.

However, in light of recent situation in Marawi City and the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao, Cebu Pacific and Cebgo strongly advise all its passengers to allot sufficient travel time to get to the airports due to the heightened security measures being implemented. Heavy traffic is also anticipated around the areas as numerous check points are expected to be put up.

Guests flying to and from any Cebu Pacific or Cebgo destination in Mindanao from May 25 to 31, 2017 who are concerned about travelling at this time may opt to rebook their tickets from free within 30 days; or place the cost of the ticket in a travel fund for future use.

For flight rebookings or other concerns, guests are advised to contact the Cebu Pacific hotline at +632 7020-888. 

They may also message the official Cebu Pacific Facebook ( or Twitter (@CebuPacificAir) accounts.

CEB also reminds its passengers of the following:
· Remember to bring a valid ID* to be presented during check-in and boarding. 
· Liquids, aerosols, and gels inside a hand-carry bag should be in a container (100 ml or less) and they should be placed in a clear, re-se­alable plastic bag. 
· Be conscious in bringing objects with sharp edges (i.e. nail files, nippers, nail cutters, scissors, etc.) as these may not be allowed in your hand-carry baggage 
· If you are bringing gadgets like your laptop, be prepared to take it out for inspection

We sincerely hope for our guests’ understanding, as everyone’s safety remains our priority.


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